Rosemary’s Rubies April 5th, 2019

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If you have not noticed the new signage behind our front desk, our AED has arrived!


What is an AED you ask?
An AED, or automated external defibrillator, is used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. It’s a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, medical device that can analyze the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.
Our AED is located in an alarmed cabinet behind the front desk in case of an actual emergency.  Some people in our office have been trained and are CPR certified so if you are as well, please let us know. 


Join us in the downstairs Bistro for Beer, Wine, and light snacks!

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Heather Handsford
Heather Handsford recently passed after her tough battle with cancer.  A celebration of her life will be held tomorrow, April 6th, 2019, at Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home located at 740 S. Edmonds Lane, Lewisville, Texas 75067.  If you would like to attend, Heather’s service will begin at 4:30 pm.  If you wish to donate in lieu of flowers, it is Heather’s wish that donations be made to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to Heather’s loved ones.



This is a note reminding everyone that the group medical enrollment will close TODAY, April 5th.  You must complete your medical questionnaire today if you want to participate in the group medical program offered through our office.

Again, it’s a two-step process.  The medical questionnaire via the website and the enrollment team for everything else.

The website address to complete your medical questionnaire is:

Click “sign up” in the very top right-hand corner.

Your employer ID is: 75D2431

You may contact the enrollment team at 1-877-282-0808 to sign up for additional and supplemental coverages for Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, Critical Illness, Accident or Life Insurance and learn about the college scholarship program.

You do not have to have medical coverage to participate in any of the other lines of coverages such as Dental, Vision etc.  Each is separate and a la carte.


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Keller Williams is asking each market center to implement a “Mock Disaster Drill” in the near future.  We want to be prepared in case of a real emergency or natural disaster so we will have mock drills periodically.  Once we receive notification from KWRI, you could receive a text, email, phone call and/or Facebook notification so you can mark yourself “safe”.  We are testing our disaster relief plan to be sure we can contact each of our agents to check on your welfare so please let us know you are safe as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation!

image (2)Another important announcement is the Coldwell Banker parking lot will be under construction for a while so please do not use their parking lot.  We are told there is a potential leak so the lot will be destroyed by jack hammers and equipment.  We shouldn’t be using their parking lot anyway but to avoid flat tires and such, please avoid their parking lot.  Any KWDMN overflow parking is across the street at the Kohl’s store. 

Another Important Announcement!


Light Bulb Agent Tips

Agent Tip of the Week!

Do You Have a Question About TREC’s Laws or Rules? Here’s a Few Tips for Help

Did you know that TREC’s Standards and Enforcement Services (SES) staff are available to answer certain legal questions by email or phone?

SES carries out the Commission’s mission to protect Texas consumers by enforcing the laws and rules that regulate real estate brokers and sales agents, real estate (home) inspectors, residential service (home warranty) companies, and timeshare providers. SES also implements the relevant standards and reviews applications for licensure and determinations of moral character to assess the honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness of applicants.

We know you sometimes have questions about TREC rules or laws related to the specific areas SES handles and they are available to help. You may call SES directly at 512-936-3005 or you can also email your questions directly to

Tammy Bunk has added contact information for SES to our Tech Page at

Areas for which SES can help

  • Compliance-related questions about laws and rules
  • Complaint procedures and requirements.
  • A pending case if you’re the complainant or respondent (have the file number, please, so that the call or email may be referred to the responsible party)
  • A closed case (have the file number, please, so that the case may be referred to the correct person)
  • The general areas over which the Commission has jurisdiction
  • License eligibility requirements related to background issues such as criminal history
  • Advertising – only if you’re a broker.  Calls or emails from a sales agent are referred to the sponsoring broker because the broker must ensure that each sponsored sales agent complies with TREC advertising rules.

Where can I find an answer before calling or emailing SES with a question?

The Commission has an extensive FAQ page that answers many questions. You can search by category or do a word search on the webpage to find your topic. You can also search on their website for a relevant article or form. Use the “Site Search” feature that is on the top of most pages of their website.

They also have disciplinary history information available and it’s searchable by name, license type, dates, cities, case number, and violations. You can also see a specific license holder’s disciplinary history by looking up the license holder using the “license holder search” feature and then selecting the “print license history” button.

They have extensive information on their website about filing a complaintthe complaint process, a detailed complaint overview manual, and FAQs on the complaint process (search by the category “How Are Disputes Handled?” or do a word search with “complaint”).

What else should I do before calling or emailing?

One of their staff attorneys can better assist you on a call or email when you provide the following information:

  • Your license number (if you’re a TREC license holder)
  • If you email them, please provide a call back number so their staff attorney can reach you for any needed clarification to better answer your question.

What’s Going on in Your Market Center?


MOVE 2.1.19

Also Monday!


(Creating Outstanding RealtorsTrademark Circle R Symbol For Excellence)

4/8/2019 at 1:00 PM

Creating Outstanding Realtors for Excellence –  is a fast track program to provide agents with the foundation needed to launch their business, and get off to a fast, exciting start in real estate!

This 90 minute orientation class covers how, what, when and where details necessary to get your Real Estate business started with Dallas Metro North.  You will be introduced to “Path to Success”. Path to Success is your first 100 days business guide.

Stacey Reynolds, Productivity Coach, facilitates this class and program.  If you have questions about the CORE program, Stacey’s email is

If you want to build your profit share tree, this is also an excellent recruiting tool for you so come & check it out!



Also Tuesday!

Career Night SB Pic (1).JPG


Register with this link to guarantee a spot!


Also Wednesday!


Also Wednesday!

Maximizing Your Online Presence with Google Analytics and FB Pixel

Title:  The Why and How of Online Analytics

Date:  Wednesday, April 10
Length of class: 1 hour, 1pm – 2pm
Training Room A
What is Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
Who should be using it and what it does for you
Step by step walk-through on how to set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
How to read the reports and use the data

Also Wednesday!



Copy of Facebook2.0

Friday!Treats w TL 4.12.jpg

More Training And Events This Week!

Monday, April 8th ~ 12:00-1:00 ~ Tech Mondays ~ Tammy Bunk

3:00-4:00 ~ Tech Essentials ~ Tammy Bunk

Tuesday, April 9th ~ 8:45 ~ Breakfast & Tour New Listings ~ Bob Erwin

12:00-1:30 ~ ALC Meeting ~ Stacey Buettner

7:30-8:30 ~ CORE Webinar ~ Stacey Reynolds

Wednesday, April 10th~ 12:00-1:00 ~ Command: Getting Started Class 4 For “Tech Hares” ~ Tammy Bunk

 1:00-2:30 ~ CORE Level 1 ~ Stacey Reynolds

Thursday, April 11th ~ 8:30-9:00 ~ Script Practice ~ Stacey Reynolds

10:00-11:30 ~ More $$ by Becoming a Tech Enabled Agent ~ Tammy Bunk

11:30-12:30 ~ CORE Level 2 ~ Stacey Reynolds

1:00-4:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation*Rosemary Croney and Tammy Bunk

*Join Rosemary and Tammy for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.

3:00-4:00 ~ Command: Getting Started Class 4 for “Tech Tortoises” ~ Tammy Bunk

Friday, April 12th ~ 12:00-1:00 ~ Pig out and Plug In ~ Preston Wood

Save the Dates!

April 17th!

computer skills 101.jpg

April 18th!

Listing Presentation Paula Alexander

April 23rd!


April 30th!

Buyers Agent MM Hot Pink

Red Cap Image

Congratulations to Our Newest Cappers!

Kurt & Kathy Kiefer

Leah Cicirello

Andre & Kelli Kocher

Amanda Pappas

Stacey Sauer

Happy Birthday Image

Holly Hiller

Michelle Dodson

Bala Ganapavarapu

Katy O’Neil

Marye Davenport

Angelica Hernandez

Berek McEwen

Sonja Jordan


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