Rosemary’s Rubies April 13th, 2018

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Fantastic Friday and Welcome to Rosemary’s Rubies!

Has everyone filed their 2017 tax return?  If not, I have good news. You get two extra days to file this year so your deadline is next Tuesday, April 17th.
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If you can’t pay what you owe the IRS by Tax Day, here’s what to do:

For taxpayers who owe and don’t file, the penalty can be steep: 5 percent of the unpaid balance for each month it’s late, up to a maximum of 25 percent of the amount due.

As long as you file your return, the penalty for owing is less; generally 0.5 percent for each month the balance remains unpaid.

Filing for an extension only delays when your return is due. It will not avoid the penalties for any taxes owed.


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In preparation of any future disaster and part of our KW Regional Disaster Relief Plan, we will be conducting drills in the upcoming weeks to perform safety checks on all of our agents.   When you receive an announcement via text, email, etc. checking on your well being, please respond.  We are testing our systems so we can be better prepared and can have relief efforts in place.

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Light Bulb Agent Tips

Agent Tip of the Week! 

New Form Changes!
Please pay attention to Paragraph 5 of the One To Four Family Residential Contract.
Paragraph 5 is one of the most significant changes and is amended to require Earnest Money to be delivered within 3 days of the Effective Date.  It also allows the Seller to terminate the contract if Buyer fails to timely deliver the Earnest Money.
Within 3 days after the Effective Date, Buyer must deliver $_____________ as earnest money to _______________________, as escrow agent, at _______________________________________________ (address). Buyer shall deliver additional earnest money of $____________ to escrow agent within _____ days after the Effective Date of this contract. If Buyer fails to deliver the earnest money within the time required, Seller may terminate this contract or exercise Seller’s remedies under Paragraph 15, or both, by providing notice to Buyer before Buyer delivers the earnest money. If the last day to deliver the earnest money falls on aSaturdaySunday, or legal holiday, the time to deliver the earnest money is extended until the end of the next day that is not a SaturdaySunday, or legal holiday. Time is of the essence for this paragraph.

Each week I am adding a training video link for every page of the new One to Four Family Residential Contract done by our Broker, Anne Lakusta.
This week is Page 3:
All contract videos have been uploaded on our Tech Page,, so you can watch the entire series.  Get to know your new contract!  
The new contract mandatory use is May 15th, 2018.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Tammy’s Tech Tip! 

Referrals and Referral Network – Get Started Now!


Have you heard a lot about referrals lately? And a new thing called your referral network? This is part of the incredible new technology that Keller Williams is providing to help you grow your business. Here is what you need to know!

  1. You now have a referral network where you can send or receive invitations with other Keller Williams agents in any location.
  2. It is important to build your network now! (This is opportunity for growth & income!)
  3. Make sure your KW Connect Profile is setup, then get started!
  4. (refer to Tech Videos, Tech How To Docs
  5. You can access your referral network via KW Connect or Kelle
  6. You can send and receive actual referrals through your network now!
  7. Check Kelle daily to see if you have received a referral (they can expire if you do not reply).



**Important Notice**

Monday, April 16th 3:00 to 4:30, Training Room A

Advertising – Are you TREC Compliant?

As you know, there are many new TREC rules when it comes to advertising! Be prepared for when TREC starts enforcing the current rules in May.

Do you know the rules for advertising? Social media? Branding? Come to this class to not only learn about the rules but how to implement them. 

As an agent, you are responsible to know the rules and implement them. Come to this class to get the latest information. 

Bring your laptops! 



What’s Going On in Your Market Center?


This Sunday! 


This Tuesday!

Vendor Fair


11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Please arrive by 11:00 a.m. to meet our amazing vendors and get your card in for their prize raffles. 

Must be present to WIN!

Lunch Provided! 


This Thursday! 



Next Friday! 

Grenadier Special Event

More Training Events This Week! 


Monday, April 16th ~ 1:00-1:30 ~ Finance Committee Meeting ~ Andre Kocher

Monday, April 16th ~ 1:00-1:30 ~ CGI Call

Monday, April 16th ~ 3:00-4:30 ~ Advertising- Are You TREC Compliant? ~ Tammy Bunk

Wednesday, April 18th ~ 1:00-2:00 ~ Google & Tech Training ~ Bryan Shanafelt

Wednesday, April 18th ~ 3:00-4:00 ~ Need Leads? Use New Home Source To Do It! ~ Tammy Bunk

Thursday, April 19th ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation ~ Rosemary Croney and Tammy Bunk 

*Join Rosemary and Tammy for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.

Friday, April 20th ~ 2:00-4:00 ~ Technology Genius Bar ~ Tammy Bunk



Save the Dates! 

April 24th! 

Job fair

April 26th! 

Dick Dillingham

April 26th! 

Sign up with Megan by the 20th!


May 3rd!


Image counts

Here is the direct website URL to reserve your session:


May 3rd!

GLAR May Soiree

May 4th! star wars

Happy Birthday Image

Lisette Simon

Charles Nuber

Hollie Crocco 

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