Rosemary’s Rubies March 9th, 2018

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Fantastic Friday and Welcome to Rosemary’s Rubies! 


Welcome back our own Anna McKissack from maternity leave.  We are blessed to see your daily smile and beautiful face.  We have missed you!
Our 2017 Awards Ceremony was an exciting event to celebrate our award winners and their achievements.  Thank you to Michelle Peters-Hill and Erin Fulton for making this ceremony a beautiful and memorable event for all that attended.  A special shout out to Beth Gaskill for honoring our beloved Gloria Gonzales and her family.  What a sweet memorial it was as we shared in Gloria’s memory.  Congratulations to those that were honored and had an awesome 2017.  I am excited about what 2018 will hold!!!!!  Our agents are the best of the best!!!!!

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Welcome Glad You're Here

Danielle Marie Mullings

Sponsored By: Katie Saldivar

Traci Gover

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Molly Russ

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Light Bulb Agent Tips

Agent Tip of the Week! 

There have been some important contract changes that went into effect on February 12, 2018.
Mandatory Use:  May 15, 2018
  The new contracts may be used now and are in Dotloop, but as of May 15, 2018 the new contract use is mandatory.
We are bringing you a special training class on the contract changes taught by Attorney Steve Holmes so make it a priority to be in attendance on Thursday, March 22, from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. at our office.  Thank you to Lawyers Title for sponsoring this important training class!
Below is a short presentation on the current contract changes.  It is in a powerpoint format, with voice audio recorded which allowed our broker, Anne Lakusta, to give an explanation.  So when you press Slide Show – the audio automatically plays.  You must download the presentation first.  Click here:


TAR Form 2513 verbiage has been revised to include our latest home warranty vendor SUPER.  The new template is in dotloop so please begin using the revised form immediately.


Tammy’s Tech Tip! – Two This Week!!!  

1. Social Media Image Sizes Confusing? This will help!

Tech Tip.jpg


The new document that will help you sort out all of the sizes can be found here!


2. Have you met Kelle???


Kelle is going to be your next best friend in building your business! Well, actually not your best friend, but your virtual assistant! Right now Kelle is new, she is learning how to help you grow your business. She needs your help to learn! And… while she is learning, she can begin to help you even now!

Download the instructions to on how to access Kelle now.

Why should you download Kelle? She can start helping you now.

  • Connects you to your referral network
  • Connects you to KWConnect
  • Connects you to your CGI tracking and goals


Safety Tip of the Week! 

Send it out to your Sphere!



Dryer Fires

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that annually dryers are associated with 22,000 home fires which result in some deaths and injuries. Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer or exhaust duct thus blocking the air flow.Reduced air flow causes excessive heat buildup that can result in a fire.
How to prevent fires?
  • Clean the dryer lint screen/filter before drying a load of clothes. If clothing is damp after drying or the drying cycle is taking much too long, then this may be a sign of blocked air flow.
  • Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct to the exterior of home annually. Check the exhaust termination on the exterior wall for proper operation; the termination must be free of lint, with no screen and a flapper that operates to prevent animal entry.  Monitor dryer air flow out of the exhaust termination with the dryer operating normally. If you do not feel significant air flow, the duct system may be partially blocked, or the duct is too long.
  • Check the User’s Guide to ensure the duct is the correct length. If blocked, have it evaluated and cleaned appropriately.
  • Clean around dryer and under dryer periodically to remove lint build up. Ensure that flammable materials are not stored around the dryer.
  • Replace plastic accordion type duct connector from dryer to wall with rigid metal or semi-rigid metalized duct.Also, ducts from dryer to exterior of home should have a slight slope downward (with no dips) to avoid collecting water and thus trapping lint.
  • Take special care when drying clothes that have been soiled with volatile chemicals such as gasoline, cooking oils, cleaning agents, finishing oils or stains. Wash this type of soiled clothing more than once before drying and dry it on the lowest heat possible.

For additional information consult the web at



What’s Going on in Your Market Center?




(Creating Outstanding RealtorsTrademark Circle R Symbol For Excellence)

3/12/2018 at 3:30 PM

Creating Outstanding Realtors for Excellence –  is a fast track program to provide agents with the foundation needed to launch their business, and get off to a fast, exciting start in real estate!

This 90 minute orientation class covers how, what, when and where details necessary to get your Real Estate business started with Dallas Metro North.  You will be introduced to “Path to Success”. Path to Success is your first 100 days business guide.

Cinda Knight, Productivity Coach, facilitates this class and program.  If you have questions about the CORE program, Cinda’s email is

If you want to build your profit share tree, this is also an excellent recruiting tool for you so come & check it out!



ALC Meeting

12:00-1:15 in Training Room B! 

alc-clinic-market-center-leadership-wbrenda-benson-04 (1)

Come and see what our ALC members will be discussing for our Market Center! 








More Training Events This Week! 

Monday, March 12th ~ 1:00-1:30 ~ CGI Call

Monday, March 12th ~ 2:00-3:00 ~ KWDMN Book Club ~ Mike Tobin

Wednesday, March 14th ~ 12:00-1:00 ~ CORE Level 2 ~ Cinda Knight

Wednesday, March 14th ~ 1:00-2:00 ~ Google & Tech Training ~ Bryan Shanafelt

Wednesday, March 14th ~ 1:30-3:00 ~ Core Level 1 ~ Cinda Knight

Thursday, March 15th ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation ~ Rosemary Croney and Tammy Bunk 

*Join Rosemary and Tammy for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.

Friday, March 16th ~ 2:00-4:00 ~ Technology Genius Bar ~ Tammy Bunk 



Save the Dates! 


March 21st! 

DMN Trainingflyer

March 22nd! 

Contract Changes.jpg

March 29th! 

LEGAL 1&2 (7).jpg



Servant auction is exactly a week and a half away. Sign up now at the front desk or use the link below to offer whatever service or talent you have. What can you do? … deliver a singing telegram, dress up like a superhero for a kids party, take a dog to the groomer? SIGN UP NOW!




Lawyers Title still has Planners for 2018! Talk to Liesel to get yours! 



Red Cap Image

Congratulations to Our Newest Cappers! 


Krista Bailey

Charles & Linda Nuber 



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Julie Gesino


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