Rosemary’s Rubies January 5th, 2018

Red Rubies Image

Fantastic Friday and Welcome to Rosemary’s Rubies! 

Our beloved Assistant Team Leader, Anna McKissack, is in the hospital today in hopes of delivering her precious baby girl.  Let’s be in prayer for her and baby Amelia.  Once we receive the birth announcement, we will share this with everyone.  We are praying for Anna to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby!!!!!  Anna will be out of the office on maternity leave for the next 8 weeks.  If you have a new recruit or someone we should speak to, please invite them to our Tuesday evening Career Night, add their name and contact information into Recruiting Bridge or email Stacey Buettner, Team Leader, at


Join us for Wine Down in The Bistro! 


*Wine and Light Snacks Will Be Provided! 



We are preparing for an awesome Kickoff next week, Jan. 9, 10 and 11!  Please make plans to come early as parking will be limited.  Overflow parking is across the street at Kohl’s.  Please do not park in front of Compass Bank, our friendly competitors or our building lobby doors.  Thank you and we are looking forward to an eventful 3 Days!!!!!


CLOSED Monday, Jan. 15th



The Home Tour Schedule Has Changed! 

*Moved January 9th’s Tour to MONDAY, January 8th, due to Kickoff!* 

Welcome Glad You're Here

Welcome Back Maria Seay! 

Sponsored By: Stephanie Seay



Light Bulb Agent Tips 

Agent Tip of the Week! 


Are you following the 3 Day MLS Rules?
Please make sure that you are entering Listings and making Status Changes within 72 Hours.  Here are the Matrix MLS Rules:

7.05 Each listing of property for sale or lease located within the primary service area of NTREIS must be filed by the Listing Participant with the MLS within seventy-two (72) hours from the effective date of the listing, unless the owner(s) expressly otherwise directs in writing restricting the filing with the MLS (paragraph 6C of listing agreement). Listings of properties located outside the State of Texas may be filed with the MLS and will be accepted if submitted voluntarily by a Participant.


8.08 A Listing Participant shall report to the MLS any change in the status of a Listed Property, including final closing of sales and sale prices, within seventy-two (72) hours after such change of status occurs.


8.09 The Listing Participant shall report to the MLS all pending contracts, closings or fully executed leases, as applicable, involving a Listed Property within seventy-two (72) hours after the full execution of a contract of sale or closing of a sale, or the full execution of a lease, as the case may be. No correction to the terms of a closed sale or signed lease may be made after seventy-two (72) hours of the closing of a sale or the execution of a lease, as applicable by a Participant. Listed Property which is subject to pending contracts containing express conditions such as financing or inspections shall be identified by the appropriate codes. If the Listing Participant fails to report the closing of a sale or lease within the required seventh-two (72) hour period, the MLS Provider may report the data if necessary written documentation is provided by the Other Participant. If the Listing Participant reports erroneous information to the MLS regarding the closing of a sale, the Other Participant may submit the correct information, with supporting documentation to the appropriate MLS Provider for correction.

Important Reminder

Our updated Policy and Associate Handbooks can be found on our market center intranet at in the Market Center “Documents” folder titled “Policies and Procedures”. 

Market Center Intranet Image
Please read through these office policies regarding RESPA, Advertising/Marketing Requirements, Buying/Selling your Personal Home, etc.  It is a new year so take some time to familiarize yourself with these updated handbooks!

What’s Going on in Your Market Center? 


Brian White Script Practice




Anne's Celebratory Happy Hour

We are celebrating Anne’s promotion as General Manager!


More Training Events This Week! 

Monday, January 8th ~ 1:30-2:30 ~ Safety Committee Meeting 

Friday, January 12th ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation ~ Rosemary Croney 

*Join Rosemary for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.



Save The Date! 


January 16th! 

Partner Agent Meeting! 

Partner Meeting Image

11:15 – 1:00 PM

Everyone is Welcome and Lunch is Provided!


January 18th!

Image one

Sign Up Sheet is at the Front Desk! 


Red Cap Image

Congratulations to our Newest Cappers! 

Elaine White

Michelle Smith-Taylor 

Jenn De Haven

Sandy Simmons

Matt Dill 

Darla Buehler

Kurt Buehler


Happy Birthday Image

Amy Fannin

Mindy Short

Heather Shimala

Heather Freeman

Claire Garlick

Paul Zappia

Dixie Augustine

Kristin Brinch 


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