Rosemary’s Rubies August 18th, 2017

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Fantastic Friday and Welcome to Rosemary’s Rubies! 

It’s Back to School for some of our agent parents!  In preparation of school, I hope you will take some time this weekend to enjoy your kiddos before the hectic school routines begin.  I have noticed that many working moms and dads are already celebrating by way of brunches, spa days, neighborhood gatherings, etc.  Parents are gaining their days and sanity back! 1f600
I am not forgetting about our agents that are empty-nesters or have grown children.  I am now in this category.  The world is our oyster!  We have our daily routines as well and can be more flexible with our time and money. 
We hope to see many of you back at the office as you continue your business routines or ramp back up from taking some Summer time off.  We need you so we can meet our $1 Billion Dollar Sales Goal!!!!!  We have many opportunities waiting for you at the office so please come by and talk with us.  Sometimes it is hard to get back into the groove and we are here to help.
Paint the Town Red is this Sunday and you can host an open house or visit some.  Please utilize our office Facebook page, Dallas Metro North Agents, if you are looking for opportunities.  Don’t let the Back to School stigma affect you or your business.  The market is good and there are plenty of buyers and sellers for the taking.  Take your unfair share!
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Welcome Glad You're Here



Patrick Kevlin 

Sponsored By: Linda McKissack 



Light Bulb Agent Tips

Agent Tip of the Week! 


New Notice Added to the Seller’s Disclosure on Sept 1st*

Governor Abbott Has Signed HB 890

HB 890 amends the Seller’s Disclosure to add a general notice that a property may be located near a military installation and/or in a zone where high operational noise levels or installation compatible use restrictions may apply. The notice also directs a potential buyer to a local area impact study to obtain more information.  

Home buyers should specifically be made aware of the large number of highly-valued military installations in various locations across Texas and the potential impact of each facility’s operations on any nearby housing.  This added notice attempts to accomplish both of these goals.  

A revised TREC Seller Disclosure Notice form containing this new requirement will be available on the TREC website prior to September 1, 2017.

*If you take a listing on or after Sept. 1st, the sellers must complete this new Seller’s Disclosure.  Our compliance department will be looking for this and will not accept any outdated Seller’s Disclosure on or after Sept. 1st
Please update any of your saved templates to ensure you have the correct form!
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Per our Associate Handbook, Pg. 9, regarding Conference Rooms:
There are conference rooms for agent use with clients … Conference rooms are not for daily work.
If you are not meeting a client, please use any of our three common work areas or your rented office space.




What’s Going On In Your Market Center? 


This Monday! 


Solar Eclipse


This Monday! 


(Creating Outstanding RealtorsTrademark Circle R Symbol For Excellence)

8/21/2017 at 3:30 PM

8/23/2017 at 5:00 PM

Creating Outstanding Realtors for Excellence –  is a fast track program to provide agents with the foundation needed to launch their business, and get off to a fast, exciting start in real estate!

This 90 minute orientation class covers how, what, when and where details necessary to get your Real Estate business started with Dallas Metro North.  You will be introduced to “Path to Success“. Path to Success is your first 100 days business guide.

Cinda Knight, Productivity Coach, facilitates this class and program.  If you have questions about the CORE program, Cinda’s email is

If you want to build your profit share tree, this is also an excellent recruiting tool for you so come & check it out!


This Tuesday! 

Premier Slide Personal Branding Lunch and Learn



More Training Events This Week! 


Monday, August 21st 2017 ~ 10:00-12:00 ~ One-on-One Mentoring with ALC* ~ Lori Lesnansky, Missy Phipps, Stephanie Carter 

* Stop by Stephanie & Missy’s office door to sign up for a slot! 

Monday, August 21st 2017 ~ 1:00-1:30 ~ Fishing for Leads (CGI Call)

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017 ~ 2:00-3:00 ~ Working With Investors ~ Anne Lakusta

Thursday, August 24th 2017 ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation* ~ Sarah Bordelon and Rosemary Croney

*Join Sarah and Rosemary for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.

Thursday,  August 24th 2017 ~ 12:00-1:00 ~ Keller Mortgage ~ Anna McKissack 

Thursday, August 24th 2017 ~ 1:30-3:00 ~ Michael Lewis Marketing Suite~ Sarah Bordelon 


Save the Dates!

August 31st! 

Premier Slide Back to School Happy Hour


September 6th! 

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September 20th & October 3rd!



Check Out This Week’s Treasure Chest! 


Treasure Chest (10)

Located at the Front Desk! 


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Congratulations To Our Newest Cappers! 


Brian Carr

Sherry Hernandez

Brett Kelly

Nicole Notagiacomo 

Leslie Maddie



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Anna Stankiewicz

KE Boyd

Toni Sams

Lori Lesnansky

Randy Scott

Kristin Edwards

Mike Personius 

Tammy Hardy

Pat Wedge 

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