Rosemary’s Rubies June 16th, 2017

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Fantastic Friday and Welcome to Rosemary’s Rubies! 

I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated today.  Heed to the heat advisory alerts and please stay healthy and safe.  Mark your calendars for the first official day of Summer on Wednesday, July 21st.  Inline image 3
It is Father’s Day and Paint the Town Red weekend!  I hope all of our hard working KW fathers will enjoy their special day and take some time to enjoy what makes them happy.  Here are some special discounts for fathers and why not share this with your clients and data base:
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Please don’t forget to stop by Open Houses this weekend!
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Welcome Glad You're Here

Susan Swearingin

Sponsor: Eric Lamay (KW Arlington) 




Light Bulb Agent Tips

Agent Tip of the Week!


When do I have to deposit the earnest money with the escrow agent named in the executed contract?

Any trust money, i.e. client’s money, earnest money, or any money held on behalf of another person, received by a salesperson must be immediately delivered to the escrow agent. Unless a different time to deposit trust money is expressly agreed upon in writing by the principals to the transaction, any trust money received by the broker/agent must be deposited in a trust account or delivered to an authorized escrow agent within a reasonable time, which the Commission has determined to be not later than the close of business of the second working day after the date the broker/agent receives the trust money. (TREC Rule 535.146)
The key words are “received” and “receives”!  
If you have the buyer’s earnest money check, you should deposit it as soon as possible (no later than the close of business of the second working day after you receive it) to ensure that your buyer is not found to be in default for failure to deposit the earnest money in a timely manner. Buyer(s) who wants to deposit the earnest money themselves should remember Paragraph 5 of TREC contracts, which provides that the buyer shall deposit the earnest money upon execution of the contract. The deposit of earnest money is a buyer obligation once the contract is effective. Like most performance obligations in the contract, time is not “of the essence.” Therefore, the buyer has a reasonable amount of time after the contract is executed by all parties to deposit the earnest money. “Reasonable time” depends upon the circumstances and could be decided in court if there were a dispute over it.  (TAR Legal FAQs for REALTORS® — Contracts and Forms Earnest Money)

What’s Going On In Your Market Center This Week?

This Monday! 


(Creating Outstanding RealtorsTrademark Circle R Symbol For Excellence)

6/19/2017 at 3:30 in Training Room B

*NIGHT CLASSES 6/20/2017 at 5 pm and 6 pm in Training Room B*


Creating Outstanding Realtors for Excellence –  is a fast track program to provide agents with the foundation needed to launch their business, and get off to a fast, exciting start in real estate!

This 90 minute orientation class covers how, what, when and where details necessary to get your Real Estate business started with Dallas Metro North.  You will be introduced to “Path to Success“. Path to Success is your first 100 days business guide.

Cinda Knight, Productivity Coach, facilitates this class and program.  If you have questions about the CORE program, Cinda’s email is

If you want to build your profit share tree, this is also an excellent recruiting tool for you so come & check it out!


Partner Meeting This Tuesday! 


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Please meet us in the upstairs Training Room from 11:15 AM – 1:00 PM on June 20th.

Lunch is provided!


Every Wednesday! 

Lawyers Filming Video

This Sunday! 

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More Training Events This Week!

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 ~ 10:00-11:00 ~ Phase Inspections-New Construction ~ A-A Action Realty Inspection Services 

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 ~ 1:00-2:00 ~ Lunch ‘n’ Learn with Alpha Omega Insurance ~ Chase Adams 

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 ~ 9:00-12:00 ~ Tech and New Agent Orientation* ~ Sarah Bordelon and Rosemary Croney

*Join Sarah and Rosemary for tech tips and an overview of Policies & Procedures.  Not just for new agents.

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 ~ 1:00-2:30 ~ Contract Workshop ~ Anne Lakusta 

Thursday, June 22nd 2017 ~ 1:30-3:00 ~ Michael Lewis Marketing Suite Workshop ~ Sarah Bordelon





Sign-up is at the Front Desk! 




Thursday, July 13th! 

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Check Out This Week’s Treasure Chest! 

Treasure Chest

Located at the Front Desk! 




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Jim Trump

Sarah Meisenheimer

Stacey Reynolds

Billy Reynolds


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Christi Nyquist Whited

Jennifer Kelly 

Denise Molinaro

Tracy McDermott

Jennifer Lao

Cathy Krause

James Hobgood 

Wes Marth 





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