4 Ways To Cut Kitchen Clutter!



The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but it’s also home to a lot of clutter. Resolve to bring order to your kitchen once and for all with these tips, courtesy of the experts at Moen.

  1. You don’t need a large pantry or countless cupboards and drawers to find the perfect spot for all your stuff. If you have blank space on the walls, consider adding a few open shelves. They provide plenty of storage while keeping everyday dishes and staples, like the coffee canister or cookie jar, within easy reach.
  2. The biggest pain point for homeowners is a lack of counter space. Instead of adding to the chaos, designate a specific “drop zone” for items that find their way into the kitchen each day, like mail, paperwork or electronics.
  3. Extend the “everything in its place” mentality to another kitchen staple: the dishtowel. Instead of leaving it in a damp heap on the counter, install a towel bar, towel ring or hook to the side of a cabinet or island to create a spot for it to hang. Not only will it free up space, but like in the bathroom or powder room, you’ll always know where to look for it when you need it.
  4. If you have a pantry, go beyond simple shelves to make this area work better—and smarter—for you. Pullout baskets and shallow drawers will ensure your pantry offers a proper place for everything. Curved cradles can turn an ordinary shelf into a beverage storage center, allowing you to store wine, water or soda bottles on their sides. And instead of wasting the space on the back of the door, install a slim, vertical storage system to provide a spot for plastic wrap, aluminum foil and other awkward-sized kitchen must-haves.

6 Tips for Homeowners to Weather a Wet Winter


Warmer winters aren’t always better. With this season on track to be warmer (and wetter) than average, homeowners should prepare now for the potential of extreme precipitation, says Peter Duncanson, director of Disaster Restoration System Development at ServiceMaster Restore.

“When it comes to winter weather, it pays to be prepared for the worst,” says Duncanson. “Although many areas across the country experienced mild temperatures this fall, preparing now is vital, as excessive precipitation combined with freezing or near-freezing temperatures can cause significant damage overnight.”

Duncanson advises:

  • Reviewing your insurance policy closely and paying attention to specifics on what is and is not covered under the agreement
  • Clearing rain gutters, repairing roof leaks and cutting away tree branches that could fall on the home
  • Keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris and making sure water is flowing several feet away from the foundation
  • Checking for cracks or small holes in the foundation where water can seep in – even a few inches of water from melted snow or excessive rain can cause interior water damage to carpet, drywall, wood floors and even your home’s structure
  • Covering exposed outdoor water faucets to prevent freezing
  • Leaving cabinet doors under sinks open to help circulate air and prevent frozen pipes during extreme temperatures


Airberlin, Germany’s second largest airline, has announced it will operate four weekly nonstop flights from DFW Airport to Dusseldorf, Germany, starting on May 6, 2016. The Airbus 330-200 jets with business and economy seating will fly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Airberlin is the seventh airline to start service to a new foreign destination from DFW Airport in the last three years.  Overall, Airberlin will offer 15 new weekly flights starting next spring to the United States from Dusseldorf and Berlin for a  total of 58 weekly U.S. flights.



In what is being labeled the biggest home sale in Texas history, billionaire bank mogul Andrew Beal has closed on the 25-acre Tom Hicks’ estate in the prestigious Preston Hollow neighborhood in North Dallas.

The European-style, 27,092-square-foot mansion — also known as the Crespi estate — was listed on the market for $100 million, which is the highest price tag for a home in Dallas, ever.  The terms of the all-cash sale were not disclosed.



Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, continues setting up its North American headquarters at the 100-acre site in Plano. The company previously has not had an official North American headquarters, although most of the top corporate executives have been based in Torrance, California. The company has asked all of its 4,000 employees in California, Kentucky and New York across various divisions to make the move, and based upon survey responses, it appears that approximately 75% of the employees plan to make the move.  While a core group has already made a move to Texas, the majority of relocations are expected to begin in spring 2017, and to be completed by year end 2017.


Robert Kaplan, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, spoke on Monday, January 11th at the North Texas Economic Forum.  Kaplan pointed out the strength and resilience of the Texas economy,  highlighting its diverse range of businesses with energy making up just 3% of Texas’ employment and 14% of its gross domestic product.  Kaplan points to major labor moves into the state as further evidence that Texas should be able to avoid recession.  In fact, Dallas-Fort Worth added 103,500 new jobs in the 12 months ending in August, which is about 49%  of the jobs added to the Lone Star state, so DFW projections are healthy.



Developers have purchased land on the north side of Lake Lewisville for a large new home community.

Centurion American Development purchased the property located just south of U.S. Highway 380.

The $260 million Northlake Estates project will include building lots for 750 homes, walking trails and a community center.  Construction is scheduled to start in the first quarter with the first homes available in 2017.


Just a few months ago, there was a ton of chatter about the prospects of Dallas getting a baseball stadium in downtown. Texas Monthly in December 2015 issue reports that the Texas Rangers’ lease at Globe Life Park is not up until 2024.  And now, the Arlington City Council has approved “Texas Live” —a 100,000-square-foot entertainment district in Arlington that would be constructed just south of Globe Life Park.  On December 15, the Arlington City Council unanimously approved the $200 million development that is set to include an entertainment area, retail shops, restaurants, a 300-room hotel, and a 35,000 square foot meeting and conference space. The city plans on throwing the project $50 million in gas revenue, as well as giving the hotel tax breaks that could add up to $50 million.

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LORE January 2016


Considering Kitchen Layouts: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Luann 1

The single-guy-who-nukes-his-dinner-every-night crowd probably doesn’t care about a good kitchen. To the rest of us, the kitchen can make or break a real estate deal. To a lot of people a kitchen isn’t just a room in which to prepare meals. It’s a homework area, a place to sit with a neighbor over a cup of coffee, and, in the case of the country kitchen, an area where the family gathers to share the day’s stories. If you’re not that single guy with a microwave, evaluating kitchens will be an important aspect of your house hunt.

Classic Kitchen Design: The Work Triangle

One element of classic kitchen design remains constant throughout the years: the work triangle. The triangle’s three points are the refrigerator, the oven and the sink, and its purpose is to ensure efficiency and good traffic flow.

To picture the triangle, consider how you work in the kitchen. When preparing a meal you move between the refrigerator, the stove and the sink. Good kitchen design places these elements in a triangle. Which element is at the apex of the triangle depends on the kitchen’s layout. There are four distinct kitchen layouts, and within each of them the work triangle remains a constant: the galley, the “L” shape, the “U” shape and the “G” shape or peninsula.

Within the kitchen triangle there should be an area for food preparation, such as a cutting block, counter or island.

While the work triangle is a well-known aspect of kitchen design, many kitchen layouts either ignore it or have a deeply flawed triangle. When you’re looking at a kitchen, keep the work triangle in mind. Even small kitchen layouts can be functional and practical if the work triangle is properly integrated.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets play a dual role in the kitchen. They are both functional and, hopefully, decorative. Deep cabinets are ideal for storage of seldom-used and oversized items, while shallow cabinets work best for small, frequently used items, such as spices. When viewing a house you’re considering purchasing, take a look inside each kitchen cabinet with an eye toward whether it will accommodate your kitchen equipment.

The location of kitchen cabinets is also important. You should be able to reach the pantry and cooking supplies without having to deviate from the kitchen work triangle.

Kitchen Design Extras

A number of features are wonderful surprises when house hunting, even if they’re not essential to kitchen layouts:

  • Breakfast nooks
  • Fridges and dishwashers disguised by cabinetry
  • Garbage disposal units
  • Kitchen islands
  • Recessed lighting
  • Big pantries

Lighting can Enhance Kitchen Layouts

Avid cooks understand the importance of good lighting in the kitchen. Homebuyers, on the other hand, seem to give it a cursory glance. If you cook, even if it’s just family meals, good lighting is essential. Turn on the lights – all of them. Try to picture the room as it will be at night, while you’re cooking dinner. If the light is insufficient, is there a way to add more light? Some of the big-box department and import stores carry inexpensive under-counter lighting that you can install with just a screwdriver.