What’s The Good News For October 2015?

The world’s largest 3-D printers will be able to construct disaster relief housing on site using only a minimal amount of power and locally available resources – like mud.  There have already been reports about 3-D printers “printing” the pieces of a building which can be shipped for assembly.  IN Rietti ITALY – Now, which is a company that builds 3D printers, has created a 40 foot tall, 20 foot wide printer that uses locally sourced, eco-friendly materials like clay or dirt to construct low-cost houses.

For example, a Chinese construction company used similar technology to construct modular homes and a design firm in Amsterdam is using robots to 3D-print a bridge over the Amsterdam Canal.

The massive machine basically consists of a metal frame with a nozzle in the center that rotates forming a structure layer by layer all while consuming very little energy.

54% of U.S. metros are on pace to reach an Eight-Year high in homes sales for the year 2015. A total of 1,947,028 U.S. single family homes and condos sold through August in 2015, up 5.4% from the same time period a year ago to the highest total for the first eight months of the year since 2007, when there were 2,069,963 sales. The 110 metro areas on pace for at least an eight-year high in home through August included Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Riverside-San Bernardino in Southern California, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, Minneapolis and Portland.  Out of the 204 local markets, 58 (28%) were on pace through August to reach nine-year highs in home sales in 2015, and 22 (11%) were on pace through August to reach 10-year highs.  The real estate market is HOT!

Toyota is developing 50 acres of land between Hilltop Road and FM 1830 west of Lantana as a corporate retreat center.  An extravagant 7-bedroom, 12,205 square-foot estate built in 2009 is the centerpiece of the property with plans to continue using horse stables and fishing ponds, while adding multiple buildings as lodging.  The site will also contain what is being described as a “recreational driving course.”   They expect to build a sound wall to surround the driving course, and the retreat center and driving course are expected to be ready for use by early 2017.


The development group behind Grandscape — a $1.5 billion mixed-use development anchored by the massive Nebraska Furniture Mart — has started construction on its next phase of the 400-acre project, a $45 million “boardwalk,” district. There will be an 11-acre manmade lake fronting a boardwalk filled with restaurants and retail.  Grandscape landed an 1,800-seat concert venue Lava Cantina along the boardwalk already, with 2 restaurants committed and another 5 restaurant commitments expected soon. Grandscape officials plan to keep the number of restaurants low in the immediate area to ensure there’s parking for restaurant-goers and areas for valet.


The housing shortage in North Texas has caused the region’s builders to boost new home starts in the 3rd quarter by 21.8% over 3rd quarter 2014 to help meet the demand caused by the influx of new jobs.  In the 3rd quarter, DFW homebuilders started 8,014 homes and closed on 6,811 new homes during that time, according to research by Dallas-based Residential Strategies Inc.  Even with the inventory under construction, the supply of homes in North Texas remains tight with approximately a 2.5 month supply.


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