You’re invited to make your business BOLD for free!

I’m sure you’re curious what that means.

Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams Realty describes his company as “a training company that happens to be in real estate”.  This philosophy has enabled Keller Williams to become the largest real estate company ON THE PLANET.  Additionally, Keller Williams was just ranked #1 on Training, Inc’s annual top 125 companies across all industries.

He has now made his flagship training program, BOLD, available to ALL businesses and sales professionals.  Your local KW team has been selected as an inaugural launch location.

BOLD is about business growth, business success and personal development.  BOLD is a training AND conditioning program that instills success habits.  In fact, in the real estate space, over 60,000 agents have completed the program and during their short  7 week programs, the average BOLD participant had 14.2 contracts in just 7 weeks.  Compare that to the national average of all real estate agents of just 5.4 contracts PER YEAR!

Business owners and sales professionals who attended the BETA of the new program, BOLD for Business, in Austin, TX, experienced even greater results.

We will be launching June 8th, in Lewisville.  All the details are in the links below.  The full 6 week program is only $799.00 and you can sign up below.  If you are unsure and want to experience the program first, we always offer step 1 for free.  Again, the link below provides all the details.

Free First Step Registration:

Full Registration:


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