Bottle and Bottega is a BYOB art party studio,” explained longtime Flower Mound resident Glenn Olson of his business that is expected to open in Building 1 of the Shops at Lakeside in February.


A bottega [boh-TEY-guh], by the way, is defined as the studio of a master artist, in which students learn by participating in the work.

“For the most part,” noted Olson, “we are more about having a good time and socializing than creating fine art.”

The studio provides the art supplies, aprons and glasses while “our guests will bring in the wine and the people to party with.”

With the space to accommodate 60 painters, Bottle and Bottega offers the perfect setting for adult birthday parties, baby/bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or nights out with friends.

A professional instructor— at least one per every 15 painters — helps guide guests with their canvas creations (or other art media, including glass painting and mosaics).


“Our artists teach to all levels,” said Olson. “The hardest part for first-time painters is that first stroke. Once you get over your initial inhibitions, you can start having fun!”

“The completed piece may or may not be your finest work of art,” he chuckled, “but we think you’ll treasure the time you spend with friends at Bottle and Bottega.”

“The space will be decorated in vibrant colors,” explained Olson, “including purple awnings outside. Of course we’ll have music which will enhance the creative atmosphere.”

“Bottle and Bottega will be a great place to meet and gather with people,” said Samantha Olson who, in addition to being a successful Zumba® instructor, is helping her husband with the new business.

“We think that makes it a great fit for Lakeside where we expect the residents to be active and engaged in the community.”

While affluent professional women, ages 25-45, comprise the largest demographic, the studio’s regularly scheduled public events will have all the ingredients for a great date night.

“We will stock chilled beer mugs to cater to the guys” Olson said.

Corporations also have found that the informal atmosphere combined with the creative activities (not to mention, a little wine) fosters socializing and team building.

Companies can also collaborate to create beautiful murals to display in their buildings.

“We expect to bring in corporations from around the area including Las Colinas, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

“Because we are a BYOB business, we will not be hosting children’s parties at our studio,” Olson pointed out, “we are also a mobile operation, so we can take the ‘pop-up’ party to your home or other location.”

Bottle and Bottega was started in Chicago in March 2009 and has grown quickly to 16 locations (including both brick-and-mortar and pop-up studios) in states from Oregon and California to Florida and New Jersey.

Another Bottle & Bottega franchise recently began operating in Plano and is expected to move into a studio soon.

“Our vision,” explains Stephanie King-Myers, the company’s president, chief operating officer, and co-owner, on the company web site, “is for guests to walk into our studios and feel like they’re having a party in their living room.

“The best part is — you don’t have to clean up!”

Glenn and Samantha Olson inside their Building 1 space that fronts on FM 2499.

“I found Bottle and Bottega after a long search,” said Olson, who began investigating franchise opportunities after leaving a career in telecommunications at the end of 2012.

Years before, Samantha had retired from her corporate job (after almost 16 years at Mary Kay Inc.) to be a stay-at-home mom to their daughters Shelby and Bryanna.

Samantha started her Zumba® business when their daughter Bryanna started school several years ago (she currently attends McKamy Middle School in Flower Mound and Shelby attends Texas State).

“Samantha encouraged me to look for something that I would enjoy doing,” Olson emphasized, “rather than just taking another J-O-B.”

“I felt strongly that I wanted to be involved with a business where people walked out with smiles on their faces. I enjoy making people happy.”

It took months for Olson to find the opportunity with Bottle and Bottega. But once he did, he knew it felt right.

Finding a prime location for the business took even longer.

“The franchise is extremely selective when it comes to studio locations,” he noted of the company’s executives in Chicago. “We began looking for a location in November of 2013 and we searched everywhere — Southlake, Las Colinas, Highland Village, Grapevine — before we found it right here in our very own backyard at Lakeside.”

“The demographics are superb and Lakeside’s lifestyle is the ideal setting.

“Now, it’s just a matter of opening the doors to give people here and in the surrounding areas a chance to fall in love with this form of entertainment.”

source: http://lakesidedfw.com/grab-a-paint-brush-and-enjoy-the-fun-at-bottle-and-bottega/


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