Who Says No One is Buying Now?

People like to say that the winter is a slow time in real estate.  People like to make excuses that there just are not as many buyers this time of year.  Let’s be very clear:  there are buyers and sellers right now, this moment, that need your help.  In your sphere, looking on the internet, behind you in line at the grocery store:  there are people everywhere, every day, that are dissatisfied with their current living arrangements.  There are people everywhere, every day, who need to make a change or who are going through a transition in their life.   It’s just a fact.  So if we know this to be universally true, why do we coast through January and wait until spring to expect buyers and sellers to land in our lap?  Frankly, this is an opportune time to provide contacts with valuable information, to encourage them to enter the marketplace, to inform them about low mortgage rates, and to lay the groundwork for future business at a minimum.  Forces of change are impacting everyone, so be sure you do not wait or underestimate the need people have right now for your assistance.  Many of your competitors are coasting, are getting ready to get ready for “the busy season”.

There will probably be about 4,000 real estate closings in February 2012 in our North Texas area.  Those Realtors, home sellers and home buyers are working today.  It can be you, your home, your seller or your buyer.  You should capitalize on this opportunity to establish yourself as an active professional in our industry – activity brings activity!  It’s a great time to get busy.

You Don’t Have to Discount to Succeed: Even in Today’s Market

Think Apple.  Think Starbucks.  Is it possible that people can get similar products somewhere else cheaper?  Do millions of people choose to pay a premium to get just what they want, when they want it and how they want it?  The truth is simple:  people pay for what they want and people pay for what they understand.

Imagine:  You could be the Realtor that helps them think and act strategically.  You could be the Realtor that helps them build their plan to purchase in the future.  You could be the Realtor that helps them save money by getting “green” features in their home.  You could be the Realtor that wows with technology and shows practical applications for cool gadgets.  You could be the Realtor that has fun events.  You could be the Realtor that keeps them informed about their community.  You could be the Realtor that sells home faster than average.

You can create more value than your competitors…and you probably already do.  The most important question is:  how are you telling your story?  How are you letting people know that you are remarkable and extraordinary?  Do those in your sphere know and understand how you are different?

Tell your story.  Accent your quality and your value.  Remember, people do not want discount service or lower value.  People today want high quality, excellent service and consistent value – and you can give it to them.