Four Assumptions that Can Ruin Your 2012 in Real Estate

One of the biggest challenges that faces salespeople and professionals in most industries, is the power of their own assumptions.  What we assume directs our behavior – either positively or negatively.  

Let’s focus on a few dangerous assumptions and be sure we do not allow them into our 2012:

1)       They’ll call when they are ready.  They might.  But it is more likely that they won’t.  It is not their job to remember you and what you do, to be able to easily find your phone number or e-mail.  But it is your job to be their advisor in your industry, to be top-of-mind in your area of expertise.  Don’t risk it.  Stay in touch by providing information and value consistently – whether they may be buying today or a year from now.

2)      They’d rather be left aloneQuit interrupting what people are interested in and BECOME what people are interested in.  People do not want to be hassled or pressured, but they do want to be engaged, advised, informed, assisted, invited, welcomed, served.  Everyone is interested in homes, their family, their neighborhood, real estate, the economy…from the micro view of their own backyard to the large political view – real estate is interesting!

3)      They’re not a buyer or seller or investor….they’re not a potential client.  Who do they know?  Who are they going to talk to today?  Remember that they do not need to impress you, you need to impress them:  with your professionalism, knowledge, courtesy and service.  Always take contacts seriously and you will reap the rewards. “What I heard today” gets tweeted, Facebooked, texted….it is the currency of the moment, so use it!

They can find that out on the internet.  What they are learning on the internet will either be about you or about your competition.  In either case, a personal contact is vital.  The internet contains both current and out-of-date information, and your average consumer does not take that into account.  The internet gives people background information and opinions, but does not replace a trusted relationship.  Particularly when it concerns home and family, a personal contact wins over online information every time… least every time the personal contact is timely, informed and valuable!  You are an expert on the area and the industry – people will want to talk to you!


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