“What’s The GOOD News?” – 11/15/11

1.*   The Internal Revenue Service  increased the standard business deduction mileage rates from 51 cents to 55.5 cents per mile, due to increased gasoline prices.   The rate increase went into effect July 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.  A new six-month rate for computing deductible moving expenses also increased by 4.5 cents to 23.5 cents a mile.

2.*   UNT will open the area’s first pharmacy school in Ft Worth by August 2013.  The College of Pharmacy will have a first class of 80 students, growing to 100 students by the 3rd year.  UNT is also beginning the largest construction project in the university’s history with an expansion and renovation of the Student Union building on the Denton campus.  The project is expected to cost about $100 million.

3.*   City of Highland Village has been recognized as the Safest City in North Texas for the past nine years. This year Highland Village is once again shown as the Safest City in North Texas, based on information provided by the FBI’s 2010 Uniform Crime Report.  Information on the FBI website confirms Highland Village is once again not only the Safest City in North Texas, but the Safest City in Texas with population over 10,000 and less than 100,000.

4.*    Nebraska Furniture Mart is planning a 1.8 million square foot retail and distribution center south of Hwy 121 between Plano Parkway and West Spring Creek Parkway in The Colony.  Construction is planned to be complete by the end of 2015, creating 1,700 full-time jobs and anticipating bringing 8 million customers a year and $600 million in sales from throughout the southwest region.  There are only three other locations for the retailer in the US:  Omaha, NE; Kansas City, KS; Des Moines, IA.

5.*   The U.S. Census Bureau released a report on September 22, 2011 listing Flower Mound as having the fifth-highest median income in the country for locations (including counties) with a population of at least 65,000. Flower Mound is the only geographical area from Texas to be included in the Top 5, with a median income of $105,637. The other cities in Texas within the list of 15 locations highlighted were Frisco, ranked at No. 13, and Sugar Land at No. 14.

6.*  The Dallas Museum of Art has opened its first ever exhibit dedicated to exploring the art of fashion with an exhibit of Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion designs. Dallas is one of just three North American cities – along with Montreal and San Francisco – hosting the exhibit of works by the French designer.  The pieces displayed were created between 1976 and 2010.  The show is expected to attract thousands of “well-heeled” visitors to Dallas between its opening date of Sunday, Nov. 13th and its closing on February 12, 2012   A sneak peek for an opening usually attracts about 300 visitors to the Museum, but the sneak peek for this show had over 1,200 visitors from around the country.

From November 5 – 12 , 2011 in Flower Mound:
From $150,000 – $250,000 there were 190 showings
From $250,000 – $350,000 there were 223 showings
From $350,000 – $500,000 there were 102 showings
The business is out there –   how can we help you get your share?

Why You Should Have Your Home on the Market Over the Holidays in 2011

1. Many other properties will be taken off the market and re-listed after the holidays.  Inventory will be lower and you will have less competition.

2. Only serious buyers look for a home during this time.  Most November-December home shoppers need a home now.  These are motivated buyers.  If you are going to keep your home clean and rush out at a moment’s notice, doesn’t fewer showings with more motivated buyers sound good?

3.  Less competition with more motivated buyers means better negotiating power for you, the seller.  It’s just a fact.   People shopping for a home during the holidays want to get the task accomplished and know where they are taking their family.  They are more emotional, as we all are.  They do not want to be taken advantage of, but may have less patience for lengthy negotiations and just want to get the deal done.

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