Mental Toughness: All Important Today…and How To Get It

Regardless of your industry, regardless of your job or your position, today is a time that requires mental toughness in order to be successful.  Many of us wake up each day to undertake a career that maybe isn’t exactly what we signed up for or thought we would have.  We work with others who have heartache and stress, we ourselves have heartache and stress…..perhaps we have forgotten how to even see the big dream, much less how to attain the big dream.  ENTER MENTAL TOUGHNESS. 

Mental toughness is defined as: “having the natural or the developed psychological edge that allows you to generally cope better than your opponents with the many demands you face and specifically to be more consistent and in control of your responses and results.” 

First, let us acknowledge that some people are winning today, some people are gaining wealth, some people are engaged in work that rewards them both personally & professionally.  How do we join those ranks?  MENTAL TOUGHNESS.

#1:  Confidence.  Do you know your stuff?  Have you kept up with all of the tools utilized in today’s market?  If not, where can you go to get the education and support that will build your confidence?  Who has the courage & confidence to actually reach for success each day?

#2:  Systems & Routine Behaviors:  Practice (remember you WILL be practicing, it just depends on if it is with a client when it counts or with a friend with the opportunity to improve) regularly, because the questions and issues really don’t change.  In the real estate industry, you should have a great response ready for the following situations:  how is the market; I can’t afford to sell; I’ve been thinking of investing; I wish we could sell, and others that you hear frequently.  Schedule lead generation since without leads you do not have clients.  Focus all of your attention of revenue-generating activities, and do not become distracted from your scheduled, revenue-generating activities.  Consider these your pre-game rituals!

#3:  Recognize & eliminate negativity.   Victim mentality casts blame rather than looking for solutions.  A great attitude will carry you far each day.  Particularly today, a great attitude is noticeable and acts as a magnet.  People are drawn to happiness, to energy, to confidence, to success.  Remember the quote:  “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

#4:  Stay in control of yourself.  Poise and composure will retain and attract clients.  Poise and composure give you the highest chance of closing a transaction.  Poise and composure allow you to continue to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than expending energy on the negative.  Poise and composure allow you to let go of your own mistakes, to acknowledge failure and move on.

How To Sell Your Home in Today’s Market: The August 2011 Version

Today, there are really only 3 things that can get a home sold:  Price, Condition & Financing.  I believe these have always been important, but never more than today, in a buyer’s market with uncertain economic conditions.  After the last few years, every consumer wants to know they are getting a reasonable deal, that they a making a stable investment, that they can get out of the investment if they need to.  The amount of uncertainty and the commitment to security are both very important factors in the real estate market today.

Price:  Buyers today will not overpay.  Appraisal regulations continue to shift, so if there is financing involved, it is even more difficult to “beat the market.”  In truth, however, all buyers today are requiring a “fair” price and are refusing to pay above market value.  Be honest:  aren’t  you?

Condition:   People today are busy.  People today are overwhelmed with managing their own lives, their own communications, the stresses in everyone’s lives over job and family.  Unless they are professional investors, we find few buyers willing to take on a “project” when buying a home.  People expect the work to be done, they expect the home to be in move-in condition.  Many believe that a carpet allowance or update allowance is attractive to buyers so they can choose their own, but our experience shows us that buyers today don’t want to spend their time and energy that way.  Another great point for discussion, is “average” condition vs. pricing:  do the homes in your neighborhood normally have granite countertops so that is considered average condition?  Make sure your professional Realtor helps you understand the condition required of your home to make sure it meets the market expectations.

Financing:  The world of mortgage lending has become complicated and is ever changing.   Appraisal rules are difficult and shifting, credit score requirements are tight and lenders do not give file approval until very specific conditions are met.  If you can offer assistance to your buyer by paying closing costs, carrying a 2nd lien yourself, or any other offer that makes the financing simpler and more buyer friendly – your home will sell faster and for more money!  That is today’s market.

Homes are selling today and every day.  Some homes receive multiple offers today and every day.  Make sure you are doing everything you can to be sure you are one of those!  It’s not luck, it’s planning and following a successful strategy that addresses all three important facts today:  PRICE, CONDITION, FINANCING.