Technology Must Be Our Friend

We’re ramping up our technology support these days – not because we all want to do so, but because we all simply must do so.  We are learning the new KW eEdge system that will combine paperless contracts & e-signatures, with our databases and our marketing systems.  It’s amazing and will be a huge timesaver – once we are competent users!  This allows us as KW agents to serve our clients better, too, since we can create an amendment through a mobile device and forward it directly to our client for an e-signature… & accurate is a huge benefit for Realtors on the go and their clients.

We are also ramping up our use of social media, our use of text for lead capture & property info, and our internet lead generation tools.  This is the future of business, this is the future of socializing and the future of both are more mingled together than ever before. 

I am excited to see where we are in one year and in 3 years – we are committed to being cutting edge, to being fast and accurate, to being leaders in real estate and in business!  And, of course, adding in some socializing suits us fine, too!


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