ALL NEW FOR 2011! The KW Market Navigator is Back!

ALL NEW FOR 2011! The KW Market Navigator is back with all new stats and data. Created to keep informed, forward-thinking real estate professionals at the forefront of the critical interactions within today’s real estate market, the information inside will give you a competitive edge as you help your clients navigate the shifting market.

With the new Market Navigator, you’ll get a rich and impactful breakdown of trends shaping our industry,  Gary Keller’s 2011 Vision Speech for the industry,  as well as an insider’s look at the latest proprietary studies conducted by KW Research. 

Market Navigator is an amazing tool for professional real estate agents that provides current insights into what’s selling and why, how buyers and sellers prefer to communicate, the impact of “green” on pricing, etc.

To get your copy of Market Navigator, contact Anne Lakusta at

“What’s The GOOD News?”

Every month our office publishes the “Good News” for our agents and clients.  This month there is certainly reason to be optimistic!  Dallas makes the top 10 most searched for real estate markets, the Texas job market continues to recover, local water park nears completion, and more!

Read the whole “KW Good News May 2011” here.


The all-knowing Wikipedia defines MasterMind like this:

to plan and direct (a usually complex project or activity), esp. skillfully.   –noun 2. a person who originates or is primarily responsible for the execution of a particular idea, project, or the like: the masterminds of company policy.

Keller Williams’ MasterMinds are next week in Vegas and it will be an incredible time of learning and sharing and keeping up with the industry!   MasterMinds create energy and excitement. Participants raise the bar by challenging each other to explore new possibilities and new strategies, to try new technologies and new tools, to stay focused on goals,  and support each other. Mastermind participants act as catalysts for growth!  We make each other better.

Napoleon Hill wrote about the MasterMind concept in his classic, Think And Grow Rich  “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

He continues…

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

Thanks Keller Williams…………

Public Home Buyer Forum Discussing Extended Government Tax Credit of up to $2000 per Year

There may never be such an opportunity in history to buy a home.  Interest rates for home loans continue to hover at record low levels while prices for resale and new construction homes have dropped to compensate for the over supply of inventory that is saturating the marketplace.  What could be better?  How about an incentive of up to $2000 per year?

Although widely unpublicized, the Federal Government still has many incentives in place to attract qualified buyers back into the market place.  First time home buyers, defined as someone that has not owned a home within the last 36 months, have the privileged opportunity to earn an IRS tax credit of up to $2000 for each year of home ownership.  For example, a family that purchases a home under this program, and keeps the home for 10 years, will collect up to $20,000 in credits.  Rather than a tax deduction which may not benefit every tax payer at the full value, the opportunity to collect a tax credit translates to cash back on the income tax return. 

The information will be presented on Tuesday, May 3rd at 6:30 pm at 3605 Yucca, Flower Mound, 75028.  The meeting will feature Alex King, a mortgage banker with King Financial Group.  He will address the features and benefits of the tax credit and take time to answer questions from the audience.