Increase Your Home’s Appeal During The Holidays

Your goal will be to enhance your home for sale during the holiday season without alienating any potential buyers. You will want to carefully manage the atmosphere creating warmth, elegance and family-friendliness, without clutter.  

 Stage your house just right, because the holidays typically bring in serious buyers, rather than “just lookers.”

 So go on and deck those halls, just keep these holiday real estate tips in mind when you do.

Create Warmth
Your goal when decorating your house for holiday sale is to create a warm inviting atmosphere while keeping everything buyer friendly. Light the fireplace and set the thermostat to a warm temperature. Open the draperies, turn on lights and add more lamps.  Since it gets dark earlier, light your porch, your walkway and your house number. A dark, cold house will seem sterile and uninviting.

Keep it Simple
Holiday decor can add a cozy homey feeling to your house. While a few tasteful decorations can enhance your home’s attractiveness to buyers, too much holiday cheer will drive them away and can prevent them from freely walking through your home.  Consider taking down customary pictures and then putting up holiday decorations, instead of just adding holiday decorations to what you already have up in your home. 

Don’t Forget Aromas
Don’t forget a pine scented air freshener or scented candle or scented soaps to create a holiday atmosphere without distracting from your home’s floorplan.  The old “fresh baked cookie” trick works especially well during this season! 

Consider Setting the Dining Room Table
The holidays are a time of gathering with friends and family, so consider setting your dining room table as a display that will show your buyers how beautifully they could celebrate and entertain in your home.

Host  A Holiday Open House
Remember that your friends, neighbors, and family are a great source of potential buyers, so invite them to celebrate with you….perhaps they know someone in the market for a new home!


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