It’s Fall!

Marketing homes in the fall can be particularly fun and particularly rewarding.  There are still plenty of buyers hoping to be in a new home before the holidays, so you want to be sure you are appealing to them!  Make sure you target current buyers correctly by all methods available – including just using the most magnetic words:  cozy, warm, family, football watching, perfect porch for trick-or-treaters, great dining room for holiday celebrations, etc.   Emphasize gathering spaces, outdoor living areas and fireplaces.  Don’t hesitate to be topical and current!  With sundown arriving earlier, make sure your listing is current on every possible website and has current photos – people will be spending more time, not less time, on their computers.  If you are a homeseller, remember to turn on exterior lights in the early evening – you may still get lookers driving by once the sun has set……… a listing agent, be sure that if your listing has great exterior lighting that you photograph it and include it in your marketing.  Right now, there are some interesting “niche” buyers that you might consider as marketing targets:  bargain hunters; empty-nesters whose child just went to college; snowbirds who want to escape winter weather; families in transition who want to settle before the holidays.  Lots of homes will sell in the last quarter of 2010 – will one of them be yours???


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