Who Is Going to Grow & Profit TODAY?

Rather than focusing on projections and forecasts for a moment, let’s just focus on what we know to be true and remind ourselves what can create a winner in the real estate industry in the most immediate future. Truthfully, a brokerage firm or a sales professional that wants to grow will have to increase their productivity and take share from others. There may be no other way to grow in the market of the next year or two. For a brokerage, adding more sales professionals and increasing the productivity of all sales professionals is likely the only way to achieve sustainable growth.  For a Realtor, they must control their costs by relying on more personal lead generation through the phone & e-mail, while increasing their productivity and gaining market share.  Each day, agents & brokers alike must know and understand what is selling right now, what listings went pending and the profile of the active buyer.

At the REAL Trends Leadership Institute, they visited with market leaders who were successfully gaining market share, either as brokerage owners or as real estate agents. Among the things they had in common were that a) they had a written objective and plan for growth, b) they felt hugely accountable to themselves and to their firms to achieve these objectives and c) they still had an enormous enthusiasm for the residential brokerage business as a place where opportunity knocks and there are no limits.

Opportunity is Knocking is actually the name of the new e-book available to all KW agents and KW clients that contains valuable information about winning with distressed properties.  So are you mastering the Market of the Moment?  Is your firm providing you tools and information for TODAY’S market?

Opportunity is Knocking!


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