Easy (& Cheap) Home Updates

Updating your home for your own enjoyment, or in preparation for selling, doesn’t have to take a lot of time or a lot of money.  You know to clean until is sparkles and that you must de-clutter…..if you are asking whether you should get rid of it or not, then you should get rid of it.  Here are a dozen additional ideas that are tried & true – now it’s up to you to try them and see what works for you!

 Add warm, earth tones, updated colors, to your rooms with pillows and throws. 

  1. Try positioning your bed opposite the entry to the room.  When you walk in the room it creates an atmosphere of spaciousness to see the foot of the bed, rather than the side of the bed.  Make sure your bedspread and pillows are updated earth colors and use great throw pillows.
  2. Create depth on shelves.  Put a small painting behind a stack of books laying on their sides.  Use candlesticks, book ends, etc. that are wood, iron, ceramic or aged metallics – bright brass & silver are not considered current.
  3. Buy a cool uplight.  Light up a corner, or wash one wall in light and your room will appear larger and the ceilings taller.
  4. Remove dated window treatments.  You are better off with just the blinds, or an open view if privacy is not a problem, than ruffles, old colors, etc.  Make sure the trim around the windows,  that is now open to view,  is clean and scratch-free. 
  5. Install or replace the 20 (or so) tiles in front of and around your fireplace.  Updated tile work here can make the living space feel completely new.
  6. Change cabinet and drawer hardware.  Updated pulls and handles will give your kitchen and bathrooms a fresh look with very little effort.
  7. Get a couple of large pots for plants for your front entry and your back patio.  If you don’t have a green thumb, just plan to buy new flowers for them every couple of months for less than $20.
  8. Move, replace or add area rugs.  Try moving the rugs you have into different spaces.  Purchase a rug in today’s colors.  Rugs are a great way to add color to a neutral room.
  9. Decide on a space for a centerpiece.  This can be a breakfast bar, a dining room table, an entry table, even a bathroom counter.  Choose a really great bowl – and then keep it filled with fresh items that you can change regularly.  Great fruits & veggies in the summer, pumpkins and gourds for fall, pine cones in the winter, fresh lemons amidst a bit of potpourri, mixed stones……you get the idea.  Keep it fresh and keep it clean – not a dust-gatherer.
  10. Consider changing light bulbs.  Remember there are clear, frosted, dimmable, yellow, lower voltage, flickering, LED, spotlights or floodlights.  etc.  Consider changes that could brighten or soften your space.
  11. Paint is your friend.  If you are already neutral, paint one wall a warmer color.  If you are not neutral,  choose a warm but neutral color and get started.  Fresh updated paint is easy and inexpensive, but is an immediate value added, both in dollars and enjoyment.


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