$1.2 Trillion in Home Sales in 2010

So far, 2010 looks great compared to 2009 in home sales across the country.  But even if we end up at virtually the same rate of total housing sales for all of 2010 that was booked for 2009, that will be about 5.5 million total units. Call it $1.2 trillion dollars of home sales. A good estimate of gross commissions indicates $35-40 billion of commissions.  (Excerpt From Real Trends, July 2010)

We are reminded that there are homes selling, that there is business happening in the real estate industry!

If you are a home buyer or a home seller, make sure your agent is currently successful – that they know how to navigate today’s market successfully.  With continual changes in mortgage requirements, HOA policies, closing times, lease values, etc. – it has never been more important for you to work with a true professional who makes it their business to stay current, educated and on top of their industry.

As an agent, make sure you are being provided with great current information on changes in your industry, conditions in your area….and be sure you are receiving great coaching, direction, inspiration and motivation.

$1.2 trillion dollars of home sales in 2010 and $35 – $40 billion of commissions!  You Can Make It Happen!


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